The Regal Room Explodes!

Posted on August 3, 2009

The last show of the tour was simply the most amazing thing we’ve experienced in a LONG time! The Regal Room exploded with friends and fans resulting in a magical experience!

After a few initial hiccups, the gig got started with 3 other artists performing before Raghu who was playing a solo show after a long long time. We were quite amazed to see the place packed and buzzing with people who had come to watch Raghu. It was really touching to see all of them come by and make this so special for us.


Raghu got on stage by around 9PM, and from the word go, it was a fun gig, he played a very different set from what happens with the whole band bringing songs like Ambar and Sorutihudu Maneya Maligi out of the woodwork to serenade the bunch of us who were by now fully into it.

The format of the Regal Room gigs means that there is a break in the artist’s set after 3 songs and in that break, Raghu was overwhelmed by requests for the ‘hit’ song “Ninna Poojege Bande Mahadeshwara” which he kindly obliged and played a nice short solo version of. But this is where things got very interesting!

In the middle of the song, Raghu went out and asked the crowd to sing along and then just stepped back from the microphone and was just playing the guitar and to the amazement of the entire club, there was a loud chorus of the song reverberating through the Regal Room and I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that a club in London was singing the words to one of Raghu’s songs louder than Raghu himself!

The show could only get better after that, Raghu topped off his set with a brilliant rendition of Sajna (my absolute favourite from the new bunch of songs the band has written) and finally Sorutihudu Maniya Maligi much to the appreciation of the boys from Karnataka at the show.

Many thanks to Paul and Lorraine for putting this together, to everyone who came to watch the show and made it so special!

It was a brilliant set and a grand finale to the short but very eventful tour of the UK that we embarked on. Much good should come off this .. very soon!

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