Massive March – 1st Leg

Bangalore to Colombo – The First Leg of our Massive March tour finally got underway with a fantastic gig at the Indiranagar Club which started the ball rolling. The 2000 members who gathered started off a little quiet but then came right up to the massive dance floor that was positioned right in front of the stage.

With a dynamic president like Mr. BNS Reddy at the helm, the club has only seen fantastic things happen over the years and when we played there this week, he said, it was the icing on the cake.

We started after much anticipation and got straight into a fully energetic set and kept it going there till multiple cries for an encore at the end had to be quickly satisfied and we had to head home and pack for a 10 day tour.

But like all of our travels, this one had to start with much drama as well! we had to fly from Chennai and not Bangalore because there were no morning flights from Bangalore. Now just like a movie climax, we had 6 and a half hours to report at the Chennai airport and the journey to Chennai takes, you guessed right, 6 odd hours!

But when Raghu was ready to leave from home, he realized he has misplaced his passport, and about 40 minutes of frantic searching later found, the passport and then realized his house keys were missing, and by the time that confusion was sorted, we were already running behind by an hour.

Our drivers though, drove like the wind and that combined with a thoughtful online checkin meant that we were sailing smoothly!

But then at immigration, we realized that Parth has forgotten his PIO card, an important travel document and they wouldn’t allow him to travel! Much convincing ensued with us pulling all stops and doing everything in our power to convince the Immigration officers to allow him onward. And it worked! they agreed to let him travel without his card!

The Raghu Dixit Project at the Galle Fort - Photos by Rajyashri Goody
We landed in Colombo and drove through the mad traffic into the city and took the expressway to Galle, and landed at the venue for soundcheck at EXACTLY the time specified to us! A quick sound check followed where we overhauled the entire stage and I ended up being the stage monitor mix engineer while Vinod reset the PA almost!

But we got what we wanted from the sound and it was going to be a couple of hours before we got on stage. We were walking around the festival venue that was just outside the magnificent Galle Fort and on the rocky shore of the Indian ocean.

The Galle Music Festival has very interesting programming, there are bands from 5 different countries playing and each of them are completely different from each other, and it has been quite a while since we have ‘represented’ India at an event! That was quite interesting for me.

By the time we were on stage, a crowd of about 4000 – 5000 people had gathered and Raghu started off by telling all of them sitting dutifully before the stage to stand up and start the party. And they did! And that just made it all the more fun for us! We got them going and by the time we ended our short set, EVERYONE was a part of it, jumping and dancing along.

It was finally time for us after about 15 hours of traveling, 4 hours of waiting, and half an hour of playing, to finally head to our hotel and crash out!

As we head into our Colombo concert today and after another fantastic day at the Galle Music festival, we will certainly miss Sri Lanka very much! Many heartfelt thanks to Solveig Korum and Concerts Norway, to Rashani and Menika and everyone at Sewalanka and also to Sudharaka and Shehan who took lovely care of us for making this such a fantastic trip!

Thanks also to Rajyashri Goody for these fantastic pictures!

The Raghu Dixit Project at the Galle Fort
The Raghu Dixit Project at the Galle Fort - Photos by Rajyashri Goody

The Raghu Dixit Project at the Galle Fort - Photos by Rajyashri Goody

The Raghu Dixit Project at the Galle Fort - Photos by Rajyashri Goody


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