Of ‘ground-lifts’ and the speaker showroom!

Once you’ve been on the road long enough with a band, there are very few things that can really shock you! and the sound system set-up at the IIT Guwahati was one such thing which blew the living daylights out of us!

Over the years (this is after I joined the band .. I’m sure Raghu has been through much worse!) we have played on a really wide ‘variety’ or sound systems and dealt with some real characters in the business. But nothing could have prepared us for what we were to witness there.

The show which was supposed to be indoor was moved outdoor because a ‘better’ sound system was set up outdoor. Now being the good south Indian boys that we are, playing in the Guwahati temperatures was itself quite a daunting task but imagine our surprise when we got there and we saw this …

or to give more perspective …

This was basically, every speaker and speaker like device that the sound guy could lay his hands on put together and neatly assembled like they were Lego blocks or the brick game that we all play! All of this was fed by Ahuja amplifiers and the parametric EQ which Nitin saw and described as a perfect ‘V’. This looked like one of the aisles of a really funky audio equipment store!

Now, the students at the IIT had done a splendid job of taking care of the band and ensuring everything was top notch for us, but because of the sound guy screwing up, were on their way to having their reputation torn apart. Nitin completely saved the day for the band, and without him present, it would have been a completely different story I would be telling here!

There was also this really funny story where Nitin asked the sound guy to press the ‘Ground Lift‘ switch on the DI box, where Nitin in Hindi said “Thoda uspe ground lift kar dena” and the sound guy promptly lifted the DI box up off the ground waiting for some magic to happen! (Well .. it is funny if you get the concept of ground lift!) … NO .. I won’t explain it!

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