That Zing Thing!

May 09, 2006

In my previous blog entry (what a fantastic beginning), I had confessed my biggest fear that I lived with for the last year and a half – that if I will ever be able to recapture the zing that I had created with my earlier band Antaragni…

One of our friends read that blog article and wrote to me – “Its great that you have found some like minded musicians that you are enjoying working with. But don’t try to recreate the magic of Antaragni. What is dead has to be buried, if not it will raise a stink! Time to move on Raghu… I know it sounds a bit harsh, so pardon me for that….”

I pondered over her words and realised how true she was and to prove the point was the previous concert we played at PES Institute of Technology on May 6th, 2006.

We got the call from the college on the afternoon of 5th inviting us to perform for the ongoing telecom fest. We agreed, we performed and how!!! The 300 odd college students were grooving, jumping, dancing, singing, chanting, falling, clapping, shouting, screaming right from the first song we played…Neither me nor my bandmates had expected ourselves to raise such a storm…and to add to the whole evening was a middle aged lady, a mother of one of the students, who moved and danced so gracefully while we performed Har Saans Mein and Mysore Se Ayi!!!

18-80, we had them all ears for us and it felt good! It was a short but a feel-good concert – a concert which cemented the band much more closer, tighter and made each one of us believe one ounce more in what we are doing together…while we drove back home fighting every inch through the mad Saturday evening traffic, we were all numb with joy and knew in our hearts that the zing is back!

Tomorrow will be another day…

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