GAS Attack!

There are a few select words that will make a musician lose total control over his/her senses and if you are a guitarist, one of those words is ‘Fender’ and to be more specific, ‘Fender American Stratocaster’.

Yesterday, Vijay got his brand new Fender Strat which has not been christened yet) and he was in a state of bliss that can’t be described! He just wouldn’t stop smiling and it was brilliant to see him try to get the ‘feel’ of the guitar! if we had left him with it unsupervised, we would have had a whole new meaning to the word feel ;)

The first show with it yesterday saw Vijay ripping the solos apart and flying all over the fretboard like superman on cocaine! All in all … we have a brand new smile in the band which won’t go away soon! So here is the man with his new baby! step up and say congratulations :)

PS: for those who are wondering .. GAS stands for Gadget Acquisition Syndrome!

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