Catching Up and the IHC

Posted on June 12, 2011

Delhi, has always held a special place in the band’s collective heart and a gig in Delhi never ceases to amaze us. Right from the time we played to over 75,000 people who had gathered for the India Social Forum, to The YP Foundation fund raisers to the gig last week at the IHC, each one of them has a memorable story attached to it.

I’ll skip all the boring details about our travel and how we got to Delhi, and go straight to about 7.30 PM on that Saturday night. We were sitting in the cafe near the IHC’s amphitheatre after having finished our sound check and were all set to go on stage after Menwhopause (who played a fantastic set!). The crowd when we were done with sound check was about 50 people that had grown to about 300 by the time the evening started.

When we came out after changing, what we saw was quite mad! I don’t know the actual count and I don’t know if I should venture a guess, but many IHC regulars tell us it was the most packed they had EVER seen the IHC … EVER!

We started with our regular set and the response we got when we just started was nothing short of incredible. The place was filled and it was as noisy as noisy can be. What was incredible to us was that everyone was singing along to our songs, and the vibe was just right.

From there we moved on to playing some of our new songs, taking everyone along for a fun ride with us, there was screaming, dancing, wild cheering and LOTS of photographers.Infact, every photographer I met was thrilled to see Mr. Raghu Rai, taking photos of the gig more than anything else!

In all, it was a magical night and I don’t think anyone who was there that night will forget it in a hurry. Thanks to EVERY SINGLE one of you who came and a special thanks to all the photographers for making sure we’ll never forget that night. And to Vimlendu and the Swecha Foundation for all that you guys do!

Please do check photos shot by Mayank Sharma, Achyut Hatimuria generic Plavix , Harshit Vishwakarma and everyone else on our Facebook Page. And here is a quick glimpse of how things went down that night 🙂

Raghu Dixit @ IHC - Achyut Hatimuria


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