Halloween at the Rocktoberfest

After a long hiatus, we made it to New Delhi for the Rocktoberfest on Halloween! The Garden of 5 Senses, an excellent venue played host to this small but fun festival and it was a brilliant lineup the day we played!

Transport in Delhi has always been a mixed bag for us, and this time was no different! we got our drivers who were in a completely parallel universe and that makes things fun for the band if not anything else. We were put up at Heritage, a simple and homely guesthouse in the vicinity of the venue, which was the most fantastic place! I totally recommend it if you are looking to stay in Delhi for a couple of days!


Sound check around noon in the Delhi heat was a slightly bad idea, but it was very essential that we did the sound check considering the number of issues that cropped up, right from stage amps that stopped working to instruments that were losing tuning. But Sam and the gang from the sound company made sure that things were just perfect for us on stage and sounding brilliant off stage, so all was well that ended well!

A quick trip to a nearby mall where we found some completely unhealthy food options, but those are the ones that taste the best, so we did succumb to temptation and hogged away while Siva and Vijay did some quick shopping (we boys indulge too!) along with the eating and it was time to go get ready for the show.

Back at the venue, things were flowing according to plan, the beer was adding to the ‘ambience’ and the crowd that were there was totally loving it! we arrived when Mrigya was half way through their set, some very complicated Indian fusion that was being dished out with ease and following them were the Delhi favourites, Them Clones who played a short set and reminded us again why their album is a complete must buy!

We went on stage a little after 9 PM and after doing a quick line check, launched into the regular set. Raghu was determined to ensure that everyone joined the party and he managed it as well! By the time we started Mysore se Aayi, all 5 senses in the garden were in a state of heightened excitement 😉


It all came to an abrupt end though with the Delhi cops coming in at 10PM on the dot to stop proceedings, they could be part of the band with such timing really :p – but we had no choice but to comply. It was a short set but much fun! and we’re hoping we’ll see all of you and more when we come back to Delhi in a couple of weeks. Keep watching this space for updates.

Thanks to the guys from RSJ, it was our first Rocktober fest and we fully loved it! and thanks to Ishita Chaudhry and Ila from The YP Foundation, for photography and helping sell our CDs!

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